Sarva mangala mangalye , Shive sarvartha sadhike ! Sharanye thrayambhake Devi Narayanee namosthuthe !!

Shree Kshetra Mandarti , Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple

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The temple celebrates Navarathri in a grand scale with chandihoma on all nine days. A five day mahothsava in Makara Masa and Jatra in the month of Kumba are annual important events while Darshan of Virabhadra and Kalkuda every Friday draws devotees like a magnet. Kenda Seve (walking on fire) in front of Hayguli and Huli Devaru is considered to safeguard Mangalya Bhagya (longevity of husband) of the married woman. The various cultural and religious activities and in particular the Yakshagana conducted in the premises of Mandarthi temple reflect the dedication and devotion of the people in continuing the rich traditions of the region.

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Photo captions: 1.Roll D Neg.33 or 31: image of sri Durga Paramesvari.

2. Roll D Neg.35: image of virabhadra. 3. Roll D Neg.30: Naga Deepa used in the temple

4.No negative-Photo given by temple A75 feet tall Gopura depicting legends on devi.

Sri Cheluvanarayanaswami Temple, Melukote

Melukote means a fort situated at a higher level and the town justifies this name as it is built on the rocky hills overlooking the couvery valley. It lies at a distance of about 160 kilometers from Bangalore.

Melukote is one of the most sacred places of the state and major temple here is dedicated to Cheluvanarayana, a manifestation of Vishnu. The place acquired prominence due to the great Srivaishnava saint Sri Ramanujacharya, who in the 12th century sought abode in mysore country, to escape persecution from a chole king. He was successful in inspiring the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhan to embrace Sri vaishnavism and propagate the sect in the land.

The town witnessed some attacks by the muslims in the 14th century and also in the 18th century battle between the Marathas and Haidar Ali, when the massive wooden chariots






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