Sarva mangala mangalye , Shive sarvartha sadhike ! Sharanye thrayambhake Devi Narayanee namosthuthe !!

Shree Kshetra Mandarthi , Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple


List of tourist places near the temple






  Barkur(Barkur fort belongs to king Bhutala Pandya)      about 8   kms
  Soorala (Place of Thola;s)                                                          about 7   kms
  Jomlu Theertha (Water Falls)                                                  about 9   kms
  Udupi (shree Krishna Temple)                                                  about 25 kms
  Malpe (beach and Port)                                                             about 28 kms  
  Someshwara (Birds Sanctuary)                                                  about 35 kms
  Anegudde (shree Vinayaka Temple)                                         about 30 kms
  Agumbe (Place of highest rain fall in Karnataka and beautiful sunset) about 54 kms
  Surgi Katte (Sri Kallu Mahalingeshwara Temple)     about 1  kms
  Barali (Shree Ganapathi Temple)     about 2 kms
  Guddattu (Vinayaka Temple)                              about 15 kms
  Shankaranarayana (Hari Hara Temple)                about 25 kms
  Maravanthe (Beach)                                                     about 45 kms
  Koodlu Theertha (Water Falls)                                     about35 kms
  Hebri (Anantha Padmanabha Temple)                          about 35 kms
  Vandaru (Kambala)                                                           about 10 kms
  Neelavara (Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple)                         about 12 kms
  Kollur (Mookambika Temple)                                                  about60 kms




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